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Get your own 24/7 hotline to the Philippines with Directo Unlimited!

Available in 24 varieties, this unlimited calling service allows you to ring your friends and relatives back home anytime, anywhere for as long as you want for a FIXED monthly rate.


+ Unlimited calls from a maximum of 3 US, Canada or Hawaii phone numbers to as
    many as 3 Philippine numbers (PLDT Landline and/or PLDT SIM Account)
+ Incredibly low monthly flat rates starting at $55!
+ Premium quality line powered by PLDT in the Philippines
+ Mobile Capability within Philippine City Code
+ No expensive computer and Internet connection requirements
+ Automatic membership to Directo's Rechargeable Phonecard Service
+ 24/7 Live Customer Service
          Toll Free Customer Service Hotline: 1-877-TAWAGNA


Directo Custom Plans
Perfect for users who are looking to register more than one Philippine party, Directo's Unlimited Custom Plans enables subscribers to assign different plan groups (Landline, Mobile, or SIM) to each of their registered loved ones back home. Play around with our plans and create one that best suits you! Call 1-877-TAWAGNA to learn more!

Directo Unlimited Toll Free Plans
Enjoy unlimited talk time with your loved ones in the Philippines just by dialing a Toll-free Access Number. Call 1-877-TAWAGNA to get more info. Follow this link to view our Toll Free Plans.

Register your existing PLDT Landline to Directo Unlimited
Directo brings you its new Landline Plan! This new package eliminates the need for a new phone unit and a new number. Get connected almost instantly and save as much as $93 on initial costs! Learn more.

Enjoy Multiple US and Philippine party calling
Register as many as 3 US and 3 Philippine numbers to the service. Click here to learn more.